173 North Prospect St.
Burlington, VT 05401
Burlington Friends Meeting Committees

Committee Membership

Here is a list of the membership of each committee, with the year in which each member would ordinarily rotate off the committee. Committee service begins on the first day, sixth month.

Presiding Co-Clerks
Charles Simpson 2019 and Holly Gorton 2020.
Recording Clerk
Currently the presiding clerks split recording-clerk responsibilities.
Peggy Powell 2018.
Christopher McCandless 2018.
NEYM Nominating Representative
Christopher McCandless 2019.
QEW Representative
Louis Cox 2020.

Ministry & Counsel Committee
Linda McKenna 2019, Ruah Swennerfelt 2020, Louis Cox 2020, Jean Hopkins 2019, Robin Lloyd 2018, Charles Gurney 2020, Diana Linda 2021, Tom Sharpley 2021. John Sharpless, ex-officio as mid-week worship convener.
Children's Religious Education Committee
Abby Matchette 2018 clerk. Meaghan Diffenderfer 2021, Cara Montague 2019, Lynne Silva 2020, Pat Wisse 2019.
Louis Cox 2019 Newsletter Editor, Bill Williams 2019 Web manager and Listserve manager.
Library Committee
Jean McCandless 2021 clerk. Anita Rapone 2019, Elisabeth Lehr 2021, Diana Linda 2021, Leslie Hunt 2021.
Peace, Justice &
Earthcare Committee
Elinor Yahm 2021, Anita Rapone 2020, co-clerks. Catherine Bock 2021, Jean Hopkins 2021, Joan Knight 2020, Will Peery 2021, Tom Sharpley 2019, Spencer Smith 2019, Catherine Antly 2021.
Property Committee
Bob Dill 2020 clerk. Jim Geier 2020, Jeanne Plo 2018, Susan Larkin 2020, Christopher McCandless ex-officio as meeting scheduler.
Finance Committee
Bill Williams 2019 Clerk. Jim Geier 2018, Lynn Silva 2021.
Young Adult Friends
Currently open.
Gifts and Service
Jim Geier 2018 clerk. Felicia Kornbluh 2020.