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Burlington Friends Meeting

Discussion of Waking Up White for 2017-2018
All meetings are on first days from 9:00 AM until 10:30 AM
Cover of 'Waking Up White'

 Date  Section  Convener
 October 15, 2017  1: Childhood in White  Robin Lloyd
 November 19, 2017  2: Wake-Up Calls  Ruah Swennerfelt
 December 17, 2017  3: Why Didn't I Wake Up Sooner?  Bill Williams
 January 21, 2018  4: Rethinking Key Concepts  Holly Gorton
 February 18, 2018  5: Twenty-Five Years of Tossing and Turning  Elisabeth Lehr
 March 18, 2018  6: Leaving My Comfort Zone  Tom Sharpley
 April 15, 2018  7: Inner Work  Louis Cox
 May 20, 2018  8: Outer Work  
 June 17, 2018  9: Reclaiming my Humanity and Tell Me What to Do  

For the session on Sunday 12/17, we’ll be talking about the section, “Why Didn’t I Wake Up Sooner,” (chapters 12-16). If you have time before the session please do the following:

  • View the excellent video that Ruah sent out about making use of white privilege. Here’s the link again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTvU7uUgjUI.
  • View the “True Colors” video mentioned in Chapter 13. (I found it easily simply by searching for “True Colors Sawyer” on YouTube.)
  • Bring one or two brief quotations from Irving’s book that you found particularly striking and/or be prepared to talk for about two minutes about what struck you most about these chapters, as we did the last time we met.
  • Bring along your calendar! We will need people to sign up to provide food for January’s discussion and beyond, and there are still a couple of sessions in need of leaders.