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Burlington Friends Meeting Committees

job descriptions for officers and committees

Burlington Friends Meeting has no paid clergy or staff, so the bulk of our work is shared by our members and attenders. Friends are nominated to serve as committee members or as officers of the meeting by the Gifts and Service Committee and appointed by the Meeting as a whole.

The term of service for all offices and committees is three years unless otherwise indicated. An individual’s term may be extended based on the Meeting’s needs, recommendation by the Gifts and Service Committee and approval by the Meeting. However, we encourage Friends to try different ways to serve; turnover in committee membership and the new ideas that come with that turnover are helpful to our work. While some positions, such as Presiding Clerk or membership on Ministry and Counsel, may benefit from experienced Friends, membership in Burlington Friends Meeting is not required for any service to Burlington Friends.

meeting committees

Children's Religious Educati (PDF)
>>Communicatio (PDF)
>Financ (PDF)
Gifts and Service (PDF)
Hospitality (PDF)
Library (PDF)
Ministry and Counsel (PDF)
Naming (PDF)
Peace, Justice, and Earthcare (PDF)
Property (PDF)
Young Adult Friends (PDF)

officers of the meeting

Presiding Co-Clerks (PDF)
Recording Clerk (PDF)
Recorder (PDF)
Treasurer (PDF), Assistant Treasurer (PDF)

common service to meeting

Care of Meeting (PDF)
Greeter (PDF)

representatives to the larger quaker world

Friends Committee on National Legislation (PDF)
New England Yearly Meeting Nominating Committee (PDF)
Quaker Earthcare Witness (PDF)