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Burlington Friends Meeting Committees

Clerks and Committees

Burlington Friends Meeting has no paid staff. The work of the Meeting is shared by members and clerks of the Meeting's committees, who are appointed by the Meeting as a whole. Here are descriptions of the committees with contact information for the committee clerks. For a complete list of committee members see the Committee Membership page. For a more detailed description of the responsibilities of each committee and officer, see the Job Descriptions page.
Presiding Co-Clerks
Attend to the overall life of the Meeting. They arrange the agenda for and preside at the Business Meeting. The Presiding Clerks shepherd the schedule of tasks for the Business Meeting throughout the year.  They also sign official Meeting documents, consult with clerks of Meeting committees, and maintain links among our Monthly Meeting, New England Yearly Meeting (NEYM), and other Quaker and community groups.
Helen Head, 802-862-2267 and Abby Matchette, 765-618-8936‬ presiding_clerk@burlingtonquakers.org
Recording Clerk
Writes and keeps minutes. The Recording Clerk works closely with the Presiding Clerk to structure Monthly Meeting for Business.
Currently, the Recording Clerk's responsbilities are shared by the presiding co-clerks.
Keeps permanent records of changes in the status of members, such as births, death, marriages, membership applications, transfers, and withdrawals.
Peggy Powell
Manages Meeting financial accounts, receives and disburses fund, and makes financial reports to the Meeting.
Christopher McCandless: 802-862-8665, treasurer@burlingtonquakers.org
Assistant Treasurer
Assists Treasurer.
Linda McKenna
Ministry & Counsel Committee
Oversees the worship and spiritual life of the Meeting, seeking to support and nurture God's will in our lives. This committee has oversight of Meetings for Worship on Sunday mornings and Wednesday at noon. Other responsibilities include planning for religious education of adults, preparation of the annual State of Society Report, and appointment of clearness and oversight committees for marriage, membership, and other matters requiring Friends to reach clearness for themselves and the community.

Ministry and Counsel also provides for supportive care of all members and attenders. This care may include transportation, meals, and visits to the sick and hospitalized.  Standing support committees provide a sounding board and ongoing encouragement for individuals who are in challenging situations.  Temporary support committees are convened for a shorter time to help a person who faces a particularly difficult life situation.

Co-clerks Charles Gurney, ministry_counsel@burlingtonquakers.org and Lynne Silva ministry_counsel2@burlingtonquakers.org
Children's Religious Education Committee
Plans and implements First Day School, an educational program for the Meeting's children and youth. This committee plans the curriculum and invites and oversees Friends work with the First Day School.
Co-Clerks - Meaghan Diffenderfer, Josh Thompson first_day_school@burlingtonquakers.org
Coordinates communication among Friends within the Meeting.  This committee produces a newsletter and the directory of members and attenders. It manages the Meeting database, web site and email list serve and oversees the flow of printed information in the Meeting House.

Items for the mailing list should be sent to Bill Williams, communications@burlingtonquakers.org. Matters concerning this website should be sent to Bill Williams at webmanager@burlingtonquakers.org
Coordinates the refreshments and cleanup for Sunday Meeting for Worship.
The committee is currently without a clerk.
Library Committee
Develops and maintains the Meeting's collection of books and other media.
Clerk - Jean McCandless: library@burlingtonquakers.org
Peace, Justice &
Earthcare Committee
Provides an interface between Meeting members and the larger community on issues of peace, nonviolence, equality and right-living. This committee strives to cultivate a deeper awareness of our connections with all of creation.
Co-clerks - Anita Rapone 802-865-5110, peace_justice_earthcare2@burlingtonquakers.org and Elinor Yahm: 802-985-9095, peace_justice_earthcare1@burlingtonquakers.org
Property Committee
Oversees the use and maintenance of space in the Meeting House and Bassett House, as well as the grounds. The Property Committee also manages the four apartments on the property.
Clerk - Bob Dill 802-999-8062 property@burlingtonquakers.org.
Finance Committee
Works to ensure the fiscal soundness of the Meeting through development of the annual budget, appeals for donations, and disbursement of grants and loans.
Clerk - Bill Williams 802-899-2891, finance@burlingtonquakers.org
Young Adult Friends
A group between 18 and 35 years old (give or take a few years) who gather to enjoy each other and offer service together.
The committee is currently without a clerk.
Small Potatoes
Manages the Small Potatoes program.
Co-Clerks - Martha Penzer, smallpotatoes2@burlingtonquakers.org, Helen Head, smallpotatoes1@burlingtonquakers.org, and Linda McKenna.
Web Manager
Manages changes to the web site.
Bill Williams 802-899-2891, webmanager@burlingtonquakers.org