Quaker Mysticism

Meetinghouse 173 N Prospect St., Burlington, Vermont

An Adult Religious Education Discussion "Mystical experience is a direct experience of God." (Atchley, 2017)  According to Quaker Philosopher Rufus Jones, "The whole significance of the Quaker Movement was its revolt from theories and notions and its appeal instead to experience." (Religious Foundations, 1923)  What exactly does this mean? What forms do mysticism take? Do Quakers […]

Book Discussion: Why Palestine Matters, 3

Virtual, via Zoom

As announced previously, a discussion of the book, Why Palestine Matters; The Struggle to End Colonialism, will take place over three Sunday evenings: January 16, January 23, and February 6, from 7:00-8:15 via Zoom. John Reuwer and Laurie Gagne, who will be leading the discussions,  ask everyone to read the Foreword and the Introduction--which comprise the first […]